Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fashion Week

In my terms of course
Too many layers to go to a movie theatre on a 75 degree day... I ended up shedding the scarf and vest!
Vest - Gap
Scarf, boots, cardigan - thrifted
Jeans - thrifted Obey
Touring USC!
Shirt and flats - thrifted
Jeans - thrifted Gap
I brought my brother and sister to school in the morning then stopped by Starbucks to pick up my mom a chai tea latte for her to wake up to. Best Daughter in the World Award? Yes, please!
Scarf, jeans - Gap
T-Shirt - thrifted Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Flats - thrifted fs/ny
Belt - Target
Purse - thrifted
Day with Andon: baseball game, lunch, Jurassic Park, camera store, then burger joint (even though we skipped out and went to LeBoulanger).
Necklace - Nordstrom Rack
Sweater - Dad's old Ralph Lauren
Purse - thrifted Dooney & Bourke
Jeans - thrifted $10 True Religions (they fit me again!)
Boots - Sperry Topsiders
Church --> SAT tutor --> San Francisco
Shirt - Brother's Ralph Lauren
Sweater - H&M
Jeans - American Eagle
Boots - Sperry Topsiders
Necklace - Forever 21
Belt - thrifted Dior
Sighted at Cafe des Amis! Same outfit as above, plus thrifted L.L. Bean jacket!

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  1. I need some statement necklaces like you have. I like how they look over your sweatshirts. I saw some at F21 the other day that I really wanted. So I'm going to go back and pick up a few.