Sunday, February 26, 2012


Over break, my dad and I flew down to Southern California to look at Pomona, USC, and UCLA. After visiting, my clear favorite was Pomona. It was adorable and the students there were so down-to-earth, friendly, interesting, and incredibly bright. Here are some photos from the trip!
Went to Louise's in Santa Monica with my dad for dinner after visiting Pomona. He showed me where he used to live after grad school and we also drove through downtown LA! For dinner I got chicken and veggies... no-fail meal =)
Waiting for the tour at UCLA. The campus was gorgeous, the people were friendly, and the location (10 minutes from the beach, 10 seconds from LA) was perfect. Thrifted belt and shoes
The Andrew Carnegie building at Pomona College. I adored everything about that school, even though the Econ class I sat in on within this building was difficult to follow...
The comment bulletin board at one of Pomona's cafeterias. They had amazing food by the way... so all the comments were positive!
A peaceful spot in the Pomona dorms.
Pomona dorms hallway
One of Pomona's courtyards
Although USC wasn't my favorite college, they did have gorgeous buildings. This one was probably paid for by a single SC family.
Another gorgeous USC building.
View from the plane! En route to Southern California
Had to take this one... (USC)
On the phone with my mom outside of the Pomona dorms

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  1. I randomly found your blog and I used to live in Pomona for a few years. Im from LA, currently in SF. HIGHLY recommend P town ;) great artist colony and music scene. Glasshouse is my favorite music venue.