Saturday, December 24, 2011


Personally, I am a huge appreciator of simple, quirky, and interesting things. That's why I've appreciated Tumblr so much and its ability to give you quick images of interesting photos. However, recently I stumbled upon a website (through Tumblr, actually) that does essentially the same thing (scroll-through sneak peeks of random varieties of things).

It has several features:
  • NotCouture - Fashion-related (clearly my personal favorite)
  • Tasteologie - Food-related
  • Liqurious - Alcohol-related (I find this one to be the least interesting)
  • NotVentures - Travel-related (I LOVE this one. Travel has always been a passion of mine)
  • NotLabs - Art-related
  • - Basically an overview of the whole site

Here are a few of my finds!

Greeting Card Generator

French Architecture

Leviticus Hexagon Necklace

Teich Convertible Bag

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