Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The first semester of Junior year, "hell year" if you will, is officially donezo, and I went out with a bang! I feel like I did well on all of my finals (even AP World and PreCalc) and am so glad to have school in the back of my mind for the first time in what seems like forever. 

The afternoon following my math (last) final, I did some last-minute Christmas shopping for my cousins... and may or may not have picked up a few items for myself! 

From Gap (NOT including the additional 40% off):
Two long/sleeved loose and simple black tops - $9 each
Red chunky knit scarf - $15
Knit vest - $30

From Urban Outfitters:
Black floral body-con skirt - $10

AKA it was a successful trip... everything adding up to sub-$50. Later that night, I went out for sushi with my best friend and her family, spending the night at her house after (which was last night). We stayed up until around 4AM sipping home-made peppermint hot chocolate, watching Paranormal Activity 3, and just talking about random but pretty deep topics that you can really only cover with the people closest to you. This morning we made berry smoothies, had a mini photoshoot in her front yard (photos will be up decently soon), watched Vampire Diaries (my first time), and then made tofu/salad for lunch. It was nom-tastic. 

Later this afternoon, Andon and I went on a date to a park close to his house where we walked around this huge pond/small lake, taking pictures, exchanging Christmas presents (photo posted below), and talking. Afterwards we got Chinese and then Pinkberry to top it all off. That guy makes me so happy... I feel like the label "boyfriend" covers only a fraction of what he is to me.

This was Andon's Christmas present to me: 
A much-needed classy watch for my regularly running-watch-clad wrist.
Overall, Winter Break = so far, so good

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  1. I just love the watch, it will go to everything! I'm a big fan of classic and simple style :) Enjoy your winter break!