Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finals Week

Ugh, I'm so sorry about the lack of posting. My week has been filled with  non-stop studying. And in the (little) free time I have where I'm not studying, I'm stressing instead. It just has been very hectic. On the bright side, my hardest final (AP World) is finished and as is my AP English final. I have three left, and I'll be done on Tuesday afternoon. Then I will finally be able to enjoy the holidays and spend time with family, friends, and Andon.

So here's a little mash-up of anything you may have missed in the past couple months...

Thanksgiving with my cousin, Megan

Blind Pilot concert in SF with Andon

Cross Country team going to State! With the highlights being: us staying in the sketchiest motel known to man.

Study Outfit

Christmas tree decorating with the family

My new jeans that came in the mail from American Eagle.. love 'em!

Photo of me by Jacky

Crazy Christmas sweater day.. I clearly dominated

New Trouvé oxfords

One of my journal pages from photography class

Stockings hung above the fireplace... =)

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