Monday, October 24, 2011


My school continues the Sadie Hawkins tradition where the girl asks the guy to our Homecoming dance. I've been lucky enough to date Andon for over a year and a half so clearly it was only a matter of when and how I was going to ask him. We're a dorky couple, so he can appreciate my punny sense of humor, which is why my idea worked out perfectly.

So here's what I did: last night I went to Jacky's house to make cookies (some bunny-shaped and some regular shaped) and we topped them with homemade frosting and carrot-shaped sprinkles. This morning we put the cookies in my locker and I topped the batch with a note that said "SomeBUNNY wants to ask you to Sadie's... if you CARROT all you would say yes!"Andon regularly comes to my locker after school, so timing was a cinch for me. When he walked over, I asked him to open up my locker because my hands were full, and voile! Behold the cookies! Luckily he said yes (well, he said "maybe" but I'm 92% sure that's a yes) and he liked the cookies. So all's well that ends well!

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