Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harem Pants

So I bought these pants in Italy for about 35 Euros with hopes that I could pull them off somehow. I brought them home and tried them on, only to think, "Great. I just paid about $50 for a pair of pants I'll never be able to find a way to wear." But then I started trying things on with them.. Here are some of the best options to wear with harem pants:

First things first, keep it simple and structured. The pants are clearly loose and contain lots of fabrics, so they need to be evened out with more fitted tops and foot-baring shoes.  Here's a list of pieces to pair with the pants (alliteration!)...

  • Fitted t-shirt or tank top
  • Cropped jackets or sweaters
  • Sandals!! (I tried sneakers and boots, but they just didn't look right on me)

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