Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas time is here

I have had a wonderful Christmas season this year. From the festivities to the family to the food to the gifts, it has all been smooth sailing for the past week or so. Here are some of the photos that I have taken in the past few days (most of which with my new 50mm lens!) Enjoy!

Home-made pumpkin bread... I could eat a whole thing of it if I wasn't such a health nut

New woodgrain rubber phone case from J. Crew

See's goodies: butterscotch creams, molasses chips, peanut butter patties

Mirror pic

Watch from Andon

New leather Clarks!

Attempt at an interesting Christmas tree photo... eh

da presents

Ham! I had none though... I'm decently meat-free with the exceptions of turkey, fish, and chicken.

Place cards that my grandma has reused year after year

My favorite table

Lori's Diner

Andon and Me... d'awww

Andon and Me again... plus my brother and my dad. Sup guys

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