Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trip to the Berkeley Art Museum

Jacky and I taking iPhone pictures on the car ride there...
The tickets! Personally, I didn't think the exhibit we visited (Kurt Schwitters journal pages from the mid-late 1940s) was particularly exciting considering the journal pages shown were somewhat dull.. But I appreciated the experience altogether for sure! We got to see photos in a different exhibit taken following a major fire that spread throughout Berkeley about 40 years ago.

Yes, this is essentially one gigantic seating area. Possibly the coolest place to kick back and read I have ever seen!

 Interior architecture.. fantastic

 Out-of-line window panes

I don't believe the photos they were looking at are in the exhibit we came to see, but apparently they were pretty interesting considering three of my classmates were looking at them..

Upside-down cut-out in the mirror tint that created a (inverse?) shadow on the ground.

The best place to buy ice cream cookie sandwiches. I got oatmeal raisin and snicker doodle cookies with mint chocolate chip ice cream wedged in between. All for only $2? Uh, yeah I'm coming there every time I visit Berkeley.

San Francisco buildings on the way home.

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