Thursday, October 13, 2011

New (faux) Leather Jacket

This is the Kut from Kloth motorcycle jacket I bought yesterday at Nordstrom Rack for $40 (you can buy it here on Amazon for a bit more). I've never really worn something so rough around the edges before, so you can clearly see how I dressed it down quite a bit...
As the weather gets cooler though, I'll need more solutions:

  • Current: Gap blouse (bought for $5 on super sale), Tory Burch shorts (thrifted for $6), and Zara two-tone leather sandals ($25)
  • Option 1: Scarf, jeans, Clarks, and blouse (like the one I'm wearing)
  • Option 2: dress, knit tights (or boot socks), and boots
  • Option 3: oxfords, dark jeans, button-up top
  • Option 4: flannel, high-waisted shorts, knit tights, boots

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