Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As I brought up before in a decently recent post, I had two major tests this week. One being AP Environmental Science (yesterday) and the other being AP World History (today). I spent 95% of my weekend studying - not even using my weekly social event (yes, that exists) to see anyone, and that is saying something. Oh they're just tests, you say. But no. No they aren't. APES I can deal with, it's just a bunch of cycles and topics to memorize. I think I did okay on that test, but I'm not particularly confident. AP World on the other hand... the word "test" is an understatement. It should be called a "you-can-study-as-much-as-you'd-like-but-you'll-still-be-tested-on-random-things-you've-never-seen-before." And that, my friend, is exactly what it was. I spent hours and hours studying for this test, and I can honestly say I walked into the room feeling pretty prepared. But no, when the I first laid eyes on the first multiple choice question (out of thirty.. each one was a venomous bullet of its own) I only thought one thing.. "shoot". Over the course of the multiple choice, I basically accepted the fact I wasn't going to do well in that portion. Maybe I got 30% of the questions right. Moving onto the essay portion.. I think I did somewhat alright. It was't my BEST essay, but I'm certainly feeling better about that than the multiple choice...

BTW, kudos to you if you actually read up to this point. I like you.

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